Slizzurp by Swole MF's and Pure Recovery by Pure Clinical

Slizzurp by Swole MF's and Pure Recovery by Pure Clinical

Sizzurp Pre-Workout fuel was carefully engineered to:

  • Razor Sharp Focus*

  • Mood Enhancement*

  • Skin Splitting Pumps!*

Pure recovery

Try Sizzurp the newest hardest hitting preworkout from ASD. With a powerful endurance, focus and energy blend Sizzurp is the premium preworkout of it’s kind. Try any of our 3 delicious flavors-Orange, Red or Purple. You will not be disappointed.

Heavy training can take a toll on your muscles, and when you’re training hard every day your body may not be able to produce sufficient Glutamine for recovery.

Hardcore lifters and athletes know that supplemental Glutamine is a must if they want to maximize recovery - since Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid.*

Glutamine is used as a cellular fuel, supports protein metabolism, and may help replenish muscle glycogen stores when combined with carbohydrates.*

Glutamine has also been found to boost bicarbonate production, which can be important for buffering lactic acid produced during intense training.*